Unique Stag Do Ideas In Vilnius

Churches and nightclubs, cobbled streets and thoroughfares, the quaintness of Old Town and the vibrant nightlife of a sparkling metropolitan city – welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania, lauded as the most hospitable city in the world. If you’re looking for a spot that has all the pulsating nightlife of the European capitals with a quaint, Old […]

Churches and nightclubs, cobbled streets and thoroughfares, the quaintness of Old Town and the vibrant nightlife of a sparkling metropolitan city – welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania, lauded as the most hospitable city in the world. If you’re looking for a spot that has all the pulsating nightlife of the European capitals with a quaint, Old World charm all its own, then a Vilnius stag do might be just the thing to send the condemne– er, lucky gent on his way to a life of matrimonial bliss.

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, is said to retain more of its medieval character than any other city in Europe. About half the size of Riga, Vilnius offers visitors an intimate view of her daily life. Nearly all the major attractions – nightclubs, bars, pubs and sport venues, along with the museums and cultural halls – are within a few minutes walking distance from the city center, making it an ideal spot for a pub crawl or nightclub jaunt.

If you’re looking for a spot of exciting during the days at your Vilnius stag do, the city hosts a wide offering of varied extreme and not-so-extreme fun days to choose from. Try quad biking, a farmer’s utility turned entertainment. Driving 4-wheel buggies over the rugged terrain surrounding Vilnius is sure to get your party good and dirty, and their blood up for a heated night on the tiles. Water gets in on the act as well – kayaking is a brilliant way to explore the nooks and crannies of the hills surrounding the unique Eastern European city.

As for nightlife, Vilnius offers one of the most unique ways to see the city AND down a few pints – a bar on wheels. The cycle bar can hold up to 16 gents as it cruises around the city at a leisurely speed that makes it easy for your partygoers to hail passing chicklets and invite them aboard for a brew or two. Besides the cycle bar, you can work with a licensed tour organizer to put together a full pub crawl, complete with queue jump priveleges and your choice of local beers at each stop along the way. More interested in the beer than the pubs? Arrange a brewery tour for a special day of fun and brews.

Oriya Wedding Oriya Shaadi

Oriya wedding ceremonies, rituals & traditions are almost similar to Hindu wedding ceremonies. Oriya marriage is an integral part of the Oriya culture from the state of Orissa. Here people are very simple & the customs & practices followed in Oriya Shaadi are also simple. The most interesting fact about the day is that the groom’s mother in Oriya marriage does not take part in the wedding ceremony. Oriya Brahmins follow their marriage practice in day time whereas non Brahmins generally carry out wedding formalities in evening time or after the sunset.

Oriya Bride wears saree or lehangas which are rich in colors like red, orange or magenta. Materials used for such garments can be either silk, cotton or chiffon. Wedding day is for the bride & groom specially, that’s why bride is dressed well with rich ornaments and other jewelry to make her the most beautiful looking bride of universe. Same way Oriya groom has also some specification in their costumes. He generally wears a dhoti and Kurta, sometimes a white silk cloth around known as the “jor”, during the wedding rituals. Formal attire or blazers are the other options to wear during the reception ceremony in Oriya weddings.

Rituals in Oriya wedding – The most important & remarkable feature of the Oriya marriage is that groom’s mother is not allowed to anticipate in the wedding ceremony of her son’s marriage, which is traditionally followed in Oriya Shaadi. Even though she is not allowed to participate for her son’s marriage her blessings always remain with the groom during wedding ceremony.

Nirbandh – Engagement – Once the bride & groom make their mind to get into relationship of life partner with each other, their parent’s fix their marriage. And once the marriage date is finalized, they begin with ceremony called as Nirbandh in Oriya which is very much similar to an engagement ceremony. This day parents of the bride & groom in Oriya takes oath that they will tie the wedding knot between their children.

Jayee Anukolo – This is the initiation of marriage rituals followed in oriya marriage. Here the activity of distributing the wedding cards is started. The first card is honored to Lord Jagantah the divinity in Oriya Community. The second card is then presented to maternal uncles of the bride & groom’s family.

Mangan, Jairagodo Anukolo Customs – In this tradition a turmeric paste is applied on the body of the bride by the family members, close relatives & friends. This is further followed with a ceremonial bath for the Oriya bride.

Diya Mangula Puja – This puja is conducted at devi’s temple followed since long in the family. New bride’s bangles, toe ring, sindoor and saree are offered to Goddess by the female barber and blessings for a long peaceful happy married life is invoked from the Goddess.

Barajatri & Baadua Pani Gadhua – Barajatri, Borojatri or Baraat – These customs are the ceremonial procession when the groom with his family and friends arrive at the wedding venue with pomp & gaiety at bride’s place. Upon arrival, the groom is treated with Tilak by the bride’s mother and other members from the groom’s side are very well hosted with full of respect. Members within the family inform the bride that groom has arrived to marry her and then she is taken for a ceremonial bath called Baldur Pani Gadhua.

Kanyadaan – It is most common activity in hindu marriage. Here the bride & groom take seven rounds around the fire symbolizing the sacred fire as the witness for their marriage. Father of the bride handover her daughter’s hand in the groom hands taking the promise that he will always love, respect and take care of her in all situations.

Grihapravesh Tradition – The bride is welcomed at her new home with her husband. Here the family members of the groom’s family give a warm welcome to the bride and celebrate the special day in their own unique way.

Astha Mangala Custom – After the marriage on eighth day the new couple visits the bride’s home where the family members welcome the newly married couple. Delicious & tasty food with deserts and other meals are offered to the groom & bride.

Is It Possible To Save A Marriage?

Saving a marriage is not a hopeless situation, but it can be a herculean task requiring both spouses to participate. And, of course your spouse can always change their mind. Marriage experts have made many contributions, and come up with the common denominators to assist couples with having a successful marriage. In order to be successful in saving a broken relationship it is important to be brave to face reality, to face the unknown. Sometimes relationships are lost because the individual fears to face the truth. Remember, avoid common behavior that is likely to make a dent in your relationship. Following a simple system in building positive marriage skills are essential to the success of a healthy marriage.
When you appreciate yourself, the feeling will contaminate your spouse and they will start to feel the same way too. Tip: Strive to eat at least one meal a day together. Your spouse may find out how great a cook you are, and appreciate you more. Write each other love notes, reminders that you are in love, and reconnect by emphasizing your spouse best qualities that made you fall in love with him. You should improve your communication skills to keep your marriage. Avoid the trap of telling your partner that he/she is wrong. Accept his/her weaknesses, and failures after all nobody’s perfect. Learn to listen more, not only with your ears, but also with your heart.
Marriage can be a blissful union when the couple respect and love each other. You can save your marriage, and save yourself from heartaches by making the changes you both need. Strive to live everyday to the fullest with your spouse. Be a dependable spouse, keep your promises otherwise he/she will lose trust. Tip: Never break a promise although you are likely to believe that promises are made to be broken. Disillusionment grows when expectations are unfulfilled. Tip: Don’t have unrealistic expectations of your spouse.

Become conscious of your body, and appearance. Many couples get so comfortable with each other that they stop dressing up. Tip: Exercise, reduce your weight, plan your diet, go to the beauty salon, the spa, buy a new dress. But, leave the kids to your mother. Tip: Go on a date. Be the first to initiate reconciliation and be sure to resolve your conflict before you both fall asleep. Also by going on a date there is no alternative than to dress up to show your spouse how attractive you still are. While on your date recall the memories of your courtship, relive the thrill and excitement you shared on your dates, the places you have visited, and your honeymoon. Get to know the person sleeping next to you each night.
Couples don’t always engage in rational discussion, however being able to agree to disagree is important. This is the most damaging causing people to procrastinate and react properly. Yes, marriage can be saved but, it is not as easy as kissing the bride. According to statistics, there are 2 million divorces each year. Do you plan to be part of the statistics? It’s never to late to change, and decide to turn over a new leaf. You’ll transform into a much better new you. As you change for the better, it will have a ripple effect in all areas of your life. Unfortunately, there is no course in any school on how to build a successful marriage. You will find only one path from divorce to a happy union. The convincing is in your hands.

Marriage Infidelity: Stay Or Go

It takes a lot of strength and effort to be married and stay married. No one should ever get their way all the time so for that reason you are going to have to compromise in some areas. If you were single then it’s a little easier to hold your ground.

But you do compromise. Not out of weakness but from love, caring, respect and understanding. You are also trusting them to do the same. So when you find out that your significant other is cheating then it feels like everything you have done to make the relationship a success has been tossed out the window. That goes extra for the trust. Once lost it takes a monumental effort to get it back. Even when couples decide to make the decision to stay together, the bond is rarely the same.

And that in essence is what the overriding question will be for anyone who has been the victim of cheating spouse. Should you tough it out or end the relationship?

One out of every two marriages in the United States ends in divorce. There are of course a multitude of reason why these relationships end but marital infidelity takes its rightful place as one of the main ones.

There are so many factors to consider before deciding whether to end the relationship or carry on. They include

1. Acknowledgement

It’s not necessarily that you want to see your partner grovel but there has to be a genuine understanding on their part of what they did wrong and a recognition of the hurt they have caused. Apologizing is only one step. It has to be followed by an effort on their part to truly make amends and recommit to the relationship which leads to?

2. Saying Goodbye

There’s no middle ground on this one. For a cheating spouse to start the recovery process they must sever all ties with the other person. This also comes back to you trusting them to do it. Life intrudes so there is no way you can watch them twenty four hours a day yet believing that they will do the right thing has to part of the healing process if you are ever to consider going forward with the relationship.

3. Coming Clean

When they talk about the affair do you still get the feeling they are holding something back? To put it bluntly does it seem like they are still lying about certain aspects of their marital infidelity. If they are then it means they are not truly acknowledging what they did. This becomes a little clearer when you notice that they are trying to assign some of the responsibility for their actions onto you. That’s a good indicator that they may not be ready to give up their philandering.

4. Again?

That is the sixty four thousand dollar question that will continuously nag at you. When they are late or every time they walk out that door, you are going to wonder. That’s the damage an extramarital affair can have on your psyche as well as your relationship. Can you get past it or will the constant suspicion be too much of a burden for you to handle?

There are many other aspects that go into deciding whether to go forward or end your marriage when you find out your spouse is cheating. The key is to not let outside forces make that decision for you. Because in the final analysis what is truly at stake more than the relationship itself is your peace of mind.

How To Give The Perfect Best Man Speech

So you’re going to a wedding and you have to make a speech, but you sure as hell know that you don’t want it to be a boring old speech like you know every one else’s is going to be like. You want people to remember your speech and rightly so. It doesn’t matter if you’re the father of the bride, the best man or just a friend wishing the lucky couple well, making a memorable speech and making people laugh will add something to their wedding day.

Funny and vulgar are two different things. A lot of people, especially men tend to think that to be funny you have to be vulgar and rude and embarrass the newly weds, this is not true. My brother recently had the honor of being best man at his best friends wedding and the night before the big day, I think he was more nervous then the groom. My brother has always been an out going guy, but when it came to making a best man speech, he just couldn?t think of what he wanted to say and he was nervous as heck having to stand up in front of all those guests and give a heart felt speech.

It?s been said that people fear public speaking more then any other one thing in life. In this article I?m going to give you a few tips I passed on to my brother that you can take and turn your speech into something memorable. With these tips, I assure you, you won?t embarrass yourself in front of the whole wedding party.

Tip 1 Stand up while speaking
Always, always stand up when giving a best man speech or a toast. Make sure you have the gatherings attention first before you speak, and the best way to do that is to stand up and wait for quiet. Standing up is the first rule of any good public speaking and a wedding is no different.

Tip 2 Plan what you want to say
Never try and wing the speech. Giving a best man speech needs to be planned and written down well in advance. My brother started working on giving his best man speech weeks in advance. Unless you are a really confident public speaker, this is the best way to make sure you say everything you wanted to say.

Tip 3 Practice makes perfect!
Practice your speech until you know it off by heart. There is nothing worse then giving a best man speech and having to look down at your notes constantly. Fidgeting with paper is a big no no.

Tip 4 Keep it clean
If you and the best man have known each other for a while and you?ve had some wild times together, this is not the time to air his dirty laundry. People think that giving a best man speech gives them the right to embarrass the groom and upset the bride, this is not the case. Don?t mention the trip to the strip joint or anything of that sort.

Tip 5� Keep it short
No one wants to be bored for hours with your speech. Make it short and to the point and don?t forget to add emotion when giving your best man speech. The wedding isn?t about you, it?s about the bride and groom, don?t forget that.

I hope these tips have given you some pointers on what to do when giving your best man speech. Good luck!

Tips On Buying A New Home

For a newlywed couple just married a landmark moment is buying a new home. Buying a home is a perfect way to start married life together. Achieving this dream of purchasing a home as a couple is a great achievement. It’s incredible buying a first home in Toronto Ontario Canada for newlyweds as they begin to renovate it to make it their own! Purchasing a home is one of the best and biggest investments newlyweds can make. It provides them with the ability to establish and build credit together and to secure a financial future by building equity in a home. As newly married couples, buying a first home in Mississauga Ontario Canada the combined incomes of both spouses offer the capabilities to create savings that enhance the ultimate goal to buy a home.

Start the process of buying a home by discussing finances. It’s best to begin this process of talking about finances regularly. This is a challenge for couples and is regularly known as the leading cause in divorce. Keep this in mind, buying a first home in Richmond Hill Ontario Canada you both have already discussed the wedding expenses, so making the transition to discussing finances for purchasing your own home, should be a smooth one. When discussing finances, consider discussing certain steps to purchase a home, points include paying down debt and improving credit scores, buying a first home in Hamilton Ontario Canada start focusing on the investment goal of owning a home by discussing your financial priorities with each other, then seek the help of an experienced loan officer who can get you on the right track toward home buying.

Also, when discussing finances for buying a home, it’s important to understand what goals are important to both you and your partner. Elect either partner who has strong skills in budgeting to map out where you’d like to be in a year, five years and even ten years. Then review your plan regularly, possibly with a financial planner, buying a first home in Woodbridge Ontario Canada and update it as necessary. Start thinking about how much you can spend on a home. Most importantly though, make sure that the budget is realistic to live by and allows for you and your partner to save for a rainy day. When preparing to buy a home, it’s always best to be prepared to make some sort of down payment, which may vary depending on the home you buy and the type of financing for which you qualify Then you have to consider saving. This takes perseverance and discipline, especially when you’re trying to pay for a wedding, and purchasing a home. One of the first places to look for possible savings is the little things you buy every day. For example, giving up your daily $2 coffee can save you and your spouse $2,000 a year! Also, things like CDs, buying a first home in Brampton Ontario Canada video games, eating out, and going out to movies can add up. Try to budget how frequently you purchase these things and how often you go out.

In addition to budgeting, credit score is vital in this country, which helps to determine the interest rate on your mortgage. Lenders determine how capable you are of repaying a loan based on your credit history. A credit score of at least 700 is an indication of good credit, buying a first home in Scarborough Ontario Canada which will allow you to secure a competitive interest rate.

If you need to improve your credit score, consider these tips:

* If you have little or no credit, look for ways to improve your score such as opening a secured credit card with your bank.

* If you have “too much” credit, work on eliminating your credit card debt. Newlyweds can’t afford to fall deeper into debt than they already are.

So in conclusion, buying a first home in Oakville Ontario Canada with your spouse is both exciting and possible with a little perseverance and a lot of saving!

Monogram Dance Floor Lighting For a Fun Wedding

When we reach the serious part of the wedding, then the celebrations begins after the ceremony. The reception is all about having a good time with family. The festivities begin with plenty of great food, crystal clear Champagne, along with, lots of dancing. Right kind of preparations has to be done for your reception by using decorations. There are a number of great ideas available when working with dance floor lighting for the wedding.

The adorning style that is chosen for the wedding should balance out the rest of the theme used for the event. There are a number of fun ways that can add interest to the dance area. Many people have used their dance floor accents to create their own special style that is amplified with the rest if the theme. You can either create your own theme or go with the current trends of the world. However, if you are one of those people that like to do something different, then do not be shy to make your special moment come to life.

Use custom lighting effects to completely change the mood of the place. If you are arranging a dance floor, then it is the best place to start. This is all about creating a fun evening. The guests should feel like part of the scene. When they feel like coming on the stage on their own, then you know that the preparations have been successful. Adding a custom monogram to the dance floor is one of way of making a customized change. This is a great way to change the reception site easily to your desired visual mode. The final results will be very dramatic if they go according to your plans, the lighting has to be matched to make the place completely stand out.

There are a number of ways that can be used to place the lights on the dance floor affectively. There are some that prefer a very different kind of theme like some like to have the rustic barn wedding theme. People can drape the ceiling with small white monogram lighting to give a magical look at night. They will twinkle above like stars which will reflect off the jewelry to highlight the bride. All eyes will be on the bride, and that is the whole point of such decorations. This is about her union with her beloved.

Those who prefer an urban wedding style, then they can go for the dance floor classic music along with a disco ball. This may seem a bit tacky but rest assured that it will be worth it all. Disco balls can be easily rented for the event which will add to the cool effect on the dance floor.

Save Your Marriage Secrets Discovered

The greatest gift to human is the inexhaustible ability of learning. Old, young, wise, not so wise, all people have the opportunity to learn something new every day. You may or may not be aware of it, but over the course of a lifetime you learn more about how life works, how other people work, and even about yourself and how you interact with others. Life is repeatedly calling us into learning, and this is especially applicable when it comes to human relationships.

As we continue our journey of life one of the greatest relationships we are called into over the course of our life is marriage. This does not unavoidably mean that it is the most important life relationship, but it is one whose success or failure has the greatest impact on your adult life. And in looking at marriage, there are a number of key skills that are crucial to steer through marriage.

In the course of life, there are couples who live in noticeable wedded bliss, and those that will tell you that they never fight or disagree. That simply is not true. As each of us grow and evolve, we are called to learn different lessons in different ways, and one of the exciting things about marriages is the way we work together and discuss our way around issues when we look at things from different point of view. Those who tell you they have never been challenged in this way have never really lived. But what determines whether this challenge is a positive or negative experience for your marriage is how both of you choose to react to your differences and work around them.

In the face of difference or challenges there are possible ranges to choices to make. The first is to back down, allowing the other to make their point and express it. Another is to challenge their point and discover whether it is correct. Another choice is to discuss both options and see if there is room for flexibility. Are both of you correct, or is one of you incorrect in your viewpoint? How much is one person’s point of view hampering the beliefs, values, or morals of the other?

The most important point here however, is to examining of one?s own thought – evaluate your actions and reactions.

* What lesson have l learned from the conflict?
* What new thing can I discover about my partner and myself?
* What new thing can I discover in order to address this issue and move forward?

The key is to understand the issues and to find small ways to forge ahead. You can call them goals; make them achievable and measurable. How often are you coming back and seeing if you have reached your goals? Are you making improvement or are you at a deadlock?

You will realize that you are always learning and finding new ways of understanding and loving each other as well as yourselves. Think of your marriage issues as an opportunity for growth and understanding.

In marriage we are called into a constant evolution, a journey of loving. The challenge to all marriages, good and bad, is to find new ways of loving each other. If you have been married one year, ten years or forty years, the challenge is still the same.

The Art Of Organizing Wedding

Are you planning your forthcoming wedding? First of all let me congratulate you for this as this is surely going to be the best day of your life. However there are some preparations that you will need to make before actually enjoying this great moment. Indeed the success of this day will depend a lot on the amount of time that you spend at the preparation stage. In order to help you learn more on this I have written this short article and hope that it will be helpful for you.

First of all it is vital that you simply select a great wedding ring. They are available in different forms and in fact it will all be based upon your taste and your requirements. You should make certain that you choose a qualified jeweler to get a good product. Its also wise to not leave the purchase for the last minute if you want the jeweler to have plenty of time to operate. French readers which are interested to acquire more information on this subject can take a look at this post on wedding rings ( Alliance de mariage ) as it holds some interesting point.

You might also consider your honeymoon as well. Depending on your budget and your taste you’ll have a whole range of destinations from which to choose. Some individuals might choose some exotic islands for their vacations while others might opt to visit a country they have always wanted. In reality it will be up to you and your partner to make up their mind on what they want. One fantastic place to visit is Dubai and you might well think about this for your honeymoon. You can take a look at this French document on Dubai holidays ( sejour dubai ) if you want to learn more on this topic.

Alternatively if you’d like some additional excitement you may consider going on a cruise. This will assist you to visit lots of destinations and also make some new friends on the ship itself. Depending on your budget you’ll have the choice among various destinations. Among the most mentioned cruise destination you have Caribbean cruise and should prove rather interesting for you to consider. If you’d like more information on this topic you can check out this French article on cruises ( croisiere caraibes ) because it holds some interesting point.

We all want to have the most exciting wedding ceremony of our life. However there are some requirements that will need to be met if we want it to be a success. You will need some careful planning and some attention to details to make sure that everything goes smoothly. I hope that the small tips given in this article has been helpful and will help you plan your wedding ceremony better.

Brides From Ukraine

Ukraine is a part of Eastern Europe, very much famous for its natural beauty as well as beautiful Ukrainian woman, both are famous globally. Earlier Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union, but after its sovereignty, the economy has degraded. It was a result of inflation. The country is suffering from problems of unemployment and decreasing economy.

Ukrainian Beauty

Ukrainian women are still untouched by the political and economic problems of this country. They are beauty and health conscious women, who can work extra hours to get money to fulfill their personal need for cosmetics and beauty products. Ukrainian women work out regularly to maintain their appealing figure. These are some reasons behind the global attraction for Ukrainian women.

After the decomposition of Soviet Union, several people left their native places. Several women got married to people in United States, UK, Canada and other developed countries in search of a better life and future prospects. A positive aspect of Ukrainian women is that they are well versed in eastern and western cultures. The reason is that Ukraine has a blend of both eastern and western civilization due to its unique geographical location.

People in United States, UK, Canada and other European and North American developed countries are interested in marrying with women from Ukraine. They are mesmerized by the beauty and positive attributes of women from Ukraine. They know very well that Ukrainian woman are well versed in all kinds of stuff, be it home making, taking care of children and elderly people of family, decorating homes or cooking and other household stuff. Along with that these woman are well educated and very good in English speaking, it’s another attraction for men of developed countries.

The popularity of such marriages between people of two different cultures and geographical location is increasing day by day, and several agencies are budding in this area to provide such special matrimonial services to special set of customers.

In brief, Ukrainian woman are not only popular as mail order brides due to their beauty and physical attributes but also because of their inherent loving and caring nature which every man looks for in his bride. The added advantages are getting a wife with a kind heart and expert in all house hold works